Turinabol 50mg/ml

Turinabol 50mg/ml

Turinabol CAS: 855-19-6
Turinabol Properties: White Crystalline Powder
Turinabol Usage: Pharmaceutical raw materials, the hormone
Turinabol Assay: 99%
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Turinabol dose reviews:

Effective Dose (Men): 15-40mgs/day
Effective Dose (Women): 2.5-5mgmgs/day
Active life: 16 hours
Detection Time: 6 weeks

15-20mg per day can provide some nice effects, should not surpass 8 weeks.

What is Turinabol?

Oral Turinabol, commonly referred to as OT, is a derivative of Dianabol. Turinabol 50mg/ml is designed to work without causing water retention or estrogenic effects. As a 17-alpha alkylated steroid, however, it can be toxic to the liver.

Turinabol 50mg liquid


Users of Turinabol 50mg/ml experience slow, steady gains that give the muscle a defined look probably because of the lack of water retention.

Oral-Turinabol as it's sometimes called, is a very nice strength and mass drug, and since it can't convert to estrogen, can even be used on a cutting diet. For this reason, it gets my "most versatile oral" award.

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Supply ability: 500kg/month
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