Tren Test Depot 450

Tren Test Depot 450

Finished Tren Test Depot 450 10ml/vial
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1ml Tren Test Depot 450 active ingredients

testosterone decanoate300mg
Trenbolone Acetate150mg

Tren Test Depot 450 Active Ingredient: Testosterone Decanoate, Trenbolone Enanthate
Carrier Oil: grapeseed oil, Ethyl Oleate, cottonseed oil. The ratio of oil can be adjusted as required.
Tren Test Depot 450 MOQ: 100ml
Package: Sterilized bottle
Delivery Time: Send parcel within 12h after payment
Shipping Courier: HKEMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT
Payment Terms: western union, moneygram, bank wire and bitcoin

Tren Test Depot 450 liquid

Trenbolone Enanthate Features:
Tren Enanthate is only available from underground labs and was not designed for human consumption, although it is considered to be an ideal drug for bodybuilders who want to burn fat and gain muscle, although its long ester makes unwise for professional athletes who undergo testing to use.

Testosterone Decanoate Features:
Test Deca combination of Testosterone and ester Decanoate, is androgenic steroid with a pronounced anabolic effect. Testosterone Decanoate is subject to aromatization as well as 5alpha-reduction, which are the pathways through which testosterone is converted to estrogen anddihydrotestosterone respectively.

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