Tren Test 225 Blend Liquid

Tren Test 225 Blend Liquid

Finished Tren Test 225 Blend Liquid 10ml/vial
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1ml Tren Test 225 active ingredients

Testosterone Acetate150mg
Trenbolone Acetate75mg

Homebrew Equipments recommand:
1: empty vails of 2ml, 10ml,,,,etc as youre requirment.
2: colorful cap of red, blue, white…..etc
3: lable making
4: filter machine , syringe filter….etc
5: separator machine
6: solvents offering, BA,BB,GSO,EO,PS80…ETC

Tren Test 225

Blend Steroid oil we supply
SUST 250
Tren A/E-200
Testosterone mix 325
Tri Tren-225
Tri Tren-180
Test Blend-450
TMT Blend-375
TriTest 400
Ripex 225
Anomass 400
Tren Test 225 Blend Liquid

Tren Test Depot 450
TMT Blend 300

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