Testosterone Mix 325 Blend Steroid Liquid

Testosterone Mix 325 Blend Steroid Liquid

Testosterone mix 325 Main active ingredients
1) Testosterone Propionate 65mg
2) Testosterone Phenylpropionate 65mg
3) Testosterone Cypionate 85mg
4) Testosterone Decanoate 110mg
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Testosterone mix 325 description

Testosterone mix 325 Blend Steroid Liquid combines nearly all of the most popular testosterone esters to produce one of the strongest possible injectable steroids on the market today. The idea is to create a mix of extremely powerful hormonal changes in the body creating rapid energy and performance boosts for athletes.

Testosterone mix 325 effects

With testosterone mixtures like this one you gain the benefit of both slow release and quick release esters. Some of the esters will give you nearly an instant boost wheras some of the latter esters in the ingredients will stay with you to provide ongoing boosts and performance enhancement. Most users report that they instantly start to feel a better sense of well-being, energy and strength just three hours after injection. This means that immediately after you start a cycle you can start to feel the effects and have ongoing effects that will help benefit your training. Buy Testosterone mix 325 Blend Steroid Liquid online.

Test Mix 325 can be cycled anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. Remember to include PCT as your body may have difficulty producing natural testosterone after receiving so much from this powerful medication.

Testosterone Blend Steroid:
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Testosterone mix 325
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