Testosterone Base Injectable Suspension

Testosterone Base Injectable Suspension

Testosterone Base Injectable Suspension 100mg/ml 10ml Vials
molecule : testosterone base
concentration : 100mg/ml
volume : 10 ml
recommended dosage : 350-1400mg/week
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Sample 8 week Suspension Cycle
Monday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Tuesday 20mg Nolvadex
Wednesday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Thursday 20mg Nolvadex
Friday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Saturday 20mg Nolvadex
Sunday 20mg Nolvadex

Testosterone Base half live

There is no classic half life of aqueous Testosterone Base Injectable Suspension due to the nature of the various suspension particle sizes and the non existence of an ester. In other words we don’t see the same types of decay rates with blood androgen levels in non esterfied preparations that are seen in esterfied preparations.

The disposition of testosterone from this formulation was characterized by an initial, rapid absorption phase followed by a much more variable secondary absorption phase. There were at least two plasma testosterone concentration peaks. The first peak is almost immediate and the second peak is a whopping 7 days later on average according to the chart in the full study. The study indicates that the initial peak is from the Testosterone formulation solution and the following peak(s) from the solid material in the suspension.

Testosterone Base Suspension

Testosterone Base Injectable Suspension is an injectable steroid that contains testosterone with no ester attatched to it. It is pure testosterone and has no ester attached, and thus no ester calculated in the weight.

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