Chemical name: Testosterone mix 325
Strength: 325mg
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Testmix-325 (Testosterone mix 325) is a combination of the most popular testosterone forms known in the mark. It contains 30mg/ml of Testosterone Acetate, 50mg/ml of testosterone, 50mg/ml of testosterone Phenylpropionate , 90mg/ml of testosterone Cypionate and 105mg/ml of testosterone Decanoate. Such mixture is made after studies to grant rapid energy and enhancement in performance to athletes and bodybuilders, allowing them to reach their goals.


TEST Mix 325 will enhance your performance and will boost your strength. High levels of testosterone will increase your cells to buildup more protein and it can force more nitrogen to retain into the muscular tissue, thereby providing a better anabolic atmosphere and promoting a faster recovery rate. An increase of IGF-1 output also occurs as a response to high levels of testosterone. Such hormone is secreted from the liver as an endocrine hormone that has growth promoting effects on skeletal muscles, cartilage, nerves, almost on every cell in the human body. It also increase red blood cell count thus leading higher oxygenation to the whole body.

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