Supertest 450 SU-450 Finished Blend Steroid Liquid

Supertest 450 SU-450 Finished Blend Steroid Liquid

Active ingredients:-
-Testosterone Acetate 32 mg/mL
- Testosterone Propionate 73 mg/mL
- Testosterone Phenylpropionate 73 mg/mL
- Testosterone Cypionate 125 mg/mL
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Product Details

Supertest 450 description

Supertest 450 SU-450 Finished Blend Steroid liquid is a blend steroid injection in the form of oily solution. Contains four different testosterone esters, which have a synergistic effect. It is designed to act since the first administration over a long period of time. And fenilpropionat propionate esters are used immediately and the remaining are used more slowly, remaining active in the body for 2-3 weeks. This is an important advantage of testosterone enanthate or cipionat, exercising a much shorter and maintain testosterone levels in the blood less constant.

It has a high anabolic and androgenic activity pronounced. It is used in mass storage periods, bringing serious gains musuculara mass and strength. Although the flavor, that the nature of any testosterone-based steroid, harmful effects are more comfortable than with testosterone enanthate or cipionat. But this may be only a matter of time. With Testo Mix 300, testosterone slowly accumulates in the blood and therefore side effects occur later.

Dosage & administration:
SU-450 Anabolic #100:100:100:100:100
SU-450 Androgenic #100:100:100:100:100
SU-450 Bioavailability: Estimated at 100%
SU-450 Half life: between 24 hours and 10 days
SU-450 Adult dose (Male): 225-900mg EOD by intramuscular injection
SU-450 Adult dose (Female): 25-50mg EOD by intramuscular injection
SU-450 Average Cycle Length: 4-12weeks following an EOD injection pattern.

Supertest 450 oil

Supertest 450 is our second most potent and versatile combination mass gainer utilizing the properties of Testosterone Acetate, Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Testosterone Cypionate. Supertest 450 is the result of several years of research with the aim of producing a true power house, stacked in a bottled product. Supertest 450 has been described as Sustanon 250 on steroids.

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