Methyldrostanolone Methasteron Superdrol 50mg/ml

Methyldrostanolone Methasteron Superdrol 50mg/ml

Methyldrostanolone is an active synthetic steroid that brings fast results to bodybuilders. Results can only be seen within days of dosing, which is why it is a go-to steroid whenever weight lifters want to stack up first before a competition.
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Dosage50 mg/ml
Total amount1 vial, 10 ml vial
ComponentMethyldrostanolone Oil base

About Methyldrostanolone

Methyldrostanolone Methasteron Superdrol 50mg/ml is an anabolic prohormone supplement that is designed to help in the growth of your muscles. It contributes to muscle mass build up and also strengthens your muscles. It is produced from five legal anabolic prohormones namely Androsterone, 4-Androstene, Androstenolone, 1-DHEA, and 4-DHEA.

Methyldrostanolone Methasteron 50mg oil

Methyldrostanolone Advantages
1) It is easy to use.
2) It boosts* your testosterone levels.
3) It increases* your muscle strength.
4) It leads to dramatic increase* in muscle size.
5) The product increases* your muscle hardness and density.
6) It leads to the development of lean muscle tissue.


Standard male Methyldrostanolone Methasteron Superdrol 50mg/ml doses will fall in the 10-20mg per day range for 6-8 weeks. This will equate to 1-2 capsules per day taken with food. Those who enjoy a high level of toleration can consider 30mg per day their next go around with the steroid, but this is not advised for most. Doses of 30mg per day or more will greatly stress the liver and caution is strongly advised.

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