Anavar 20mg Injection

Anavar 20mg Injection

Chemical structure:5 alpha-androstan-2-oxa-17 alpha-methyl-17 beta-ol-3-one
Common doses:40mg+ per day
DHT conversion:Low
Decrease HPTA function:Dose dependant
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Anavar can be used to kick start a cycle and it works well as a “finisher” to add extra polish to the physique before a competition or photo shoot. Just remember, you still need to do an effective Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and take the proper supplements to assure safety along the way.


Packing: 10 ml (vial)
Substance: Oxandrolone (oil base)


* Burning fat;
* Qualitative muscle growth;
* Increase in power performance;
* Increase efficiency;
* Improvement of the stiffness of the muscles.
* Improvement of the prominence of the muscles;

Anavar 20mg Injection supplier

The dosages of Anavar for a female is around 5-10mg for 4-5 weeks while some of the women may set their dosages around 20mg but, sometimes it is associated with more drastic effects.

The bodybuilders run different steroid cycles depending upon their level such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

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