Trenbolone Base Tren Base Powder

Trenbolone Base Tren Base Powder

Trenbolone CAS register number: 10161-33-8
Trenbolone Assay: 99%
Appearance: Light yellow crystal powder
Trenbolone Molecular formula: C18H22O2
Trenbolone Molecular weight: 270.37
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Trenbolone Base Tren Base Powder is essentially a derivative of Nandrolone with some very significant differences in its chemical properties and strength. Trenbolone and its parent hormone Nandrolone both belong to a class/category of anabolic steroids known as 19-nor compounds, or 19-nors (short for 19-nortestosterone).

Trenbolone series steroids

Trenbolone Acetate (Finaplix H/Revalor-H)CAS 10161-34-9
Trenbolone Enanthate (parabolan)CAS 472-61-5
Metribolone (Methyltrienolone)CAS 965-93-5
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl CarbonateCAS 23454-33-3
TrenboloneCAS 10161-33-8
TiboloneCAS 5630-53-5

Trenbolone Base Tren Base Powder

Tren Base Powder Conversion Recipes:
50 ml @ 100mg/ml
5 grams Trenbolone Base Tren Base Powder

43.75 ml sesame oil
2.5 ml Benzyl Alcohol = 5%

2.Tren for 10 grams 100 ml and 100mg/ml
10 grams Tren powder
84.5 ml sesame oil
5 ml Benzyl Alcohol = 5%


DescriptionLight yellow or almost white crystalline
Light Yellow powder
Melting Point70~80°C70.5~76.5°C
Specific Rotation+22~+26°+23.09°
Loss On Drying0.5%max0.25%
Residue On Ignition0.1%max0.05%
Heavy Metals20PPm max<20PPm
Organic Volatile Impuritiesmeets the requirement.Conforms
Related SubstancesSingle Impurity: 1.0%max<1.0%

Total Impurities: 2.0%max<2.0%

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