Testosterone Decanoate Powder

Testosterone Decanoate Powder

Testosterone Decanoate (CAS: 5721-91-5) is one of the larger single ester testosterone compounds available, but on the pharmaceutical market it is only found in testosterone blends. Most commonly found in compounds like Sustanon 250 and Omnadren.
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Product Details

Test Deca Introduction

Testosterone decanoate is an injectable hormone product that is attached to the decanoate ester. The ester is combined with the testosterone to lengthen and slow the release time of the hormone.

It’s a slow acting version of the drug and carries a moderate half-life just slightly over that of other forms commonly prescribed for those with hypogonadism known as testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate, but only by a few days.

Test Deca Specification

Test Items


Test Results


White to creamy white crystalline Powder


Melting Point



Specific Rotation

+69°~ +74°


Loss On Drying







The specification conforms with enterprise standard.

Test Deca Uses

Testosterone Decanoate as a powerful androgen can rapidly increase lean tissue on the body and aid in building a physique of pure muscle mass. As apt towards growth as it is, due to its ability to block the muscle wasting hormone cortisol, it can be a good addition to any cutting cycle as well in an effort to lose fat and preserve muscle tissue.

However, it should be noted, as all testosterone supplementation can lead to excess water retention Test Decanoate can have a higher probability but this will largely be dependent on your food intake and aromatase inhibitor use.

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Test Deca Benefits

It will cause weight and strength gain, fat loss, a libido increase, an increase in IGF-1 levels, Red Blood Cell count, and of course increased recovery from training.

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