Sustanon 250 Omnadren

Sustanon 250 Omnadren

Alias: Testosterone Blend(Sustanon);Sustanon 250;Omnadren;testosterone 250;testosterone sustanon 250; testosterone mixed
Appearance: White crystalline powder
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Sustanon250 is an oil-based steroid designed to increase strength and body weight. Sustanon 250 Omnadren is a mix of four different test esters that are injected in the muscles and slowly released in the body over time.

Sustanon powder raws form:

Item1: Testosterone Propionate,
Item2: Testosterone Phenylpropionate
Item4: Testosterone Isocaproate,
Item3: Testosterone Decanoate
Assay, proportion: 3:6:6:10

Sustanon 250 Omnadren

Sustanon cycle reviews

Effective Dose (Men): 250-1,000mg/week

Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended

Active life: Up to 3 weeks

Detection Time: more than 3 months

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