Mestanolone Raw Powder

Mestanolone Raw Powder

Product Name: Mestanolone
Chemical Name:17a-Methyldihydrotestosterone,Ermalone
CAS number: 521-11-9
Assay: 99% min.
EINECS: 208-302-6
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Mestanolone is the 17α-methylated version of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is an orally bio-available androgenic steroid that is highly androgenic while only slightly anabolic. It is incapable of aromatization and it is not an agonist of the progesterone receptor.


** Increase testosterone benefit;
** Suppress estrogen effect;
** Lean muscle tissue;
** Increase strength;
** Improve drive and focus;

Mestanolone for bodybuilding

Mestanolone, as a male hormone and anabolic hormones, is used for bodybuilding muscle supplements. Mestanolone is very useful during cutting phases or when one wishes to avoid excess weight gain.

It is used for male hypogonadism and decreased sperm infertility.

Mestanolone Raw Powder


Effective Dose (Men): 10-20 mg/day
Effective Dose (Women): Not Recommended
Half-Life: Approx. 8 Hours
Detection Time: Unknown

Dosages range from 10 mg to 30 mg a day for males. Women should avoid Mestanolone for it is very androgenic. Long term use, more than 12 weeks should be avoided do to hepatoxicity.

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* Price: Negotiated
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* Payment methods: Western Union, T/T, Bitcoin and MoneyGram
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