D-bol Dianabol Methandienone CAS 869287-60-5

D-bol Dianabol Methandienone CAS 869287-60-5

D-bol Molecular Formula: C20H25D3O2
D-bol Molecular Weight: 303.45400
D-bol Exact Mass: 303.22800
D-bol Min Order Quantity: 10grams
D-bol Price: depends on the quantity you want, please contact me for more details!
D-bol Origin: Made in China
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What are the benefits of a dbol only cycle?
No injections needed; Short 6 week cycle; Gains are fast and noticeable; Strength goes through the roof With proper cycle aids like N2Guard, side-effects aren’t heavy; Great for short burst cycles; You can get big and thick fast.

Dianabol Dosage and Cycle:
D-bol Dianabol Methandienone CAS 869287-60-5 works at 25-50mg a day.with a cycle that would usually last between 4 and 6 weeks. You could do a 4 week cycle of Dianabol at a low dose and still gain 8 kgs and tons of strength. There is no exact dosage for everyone, however when using Dianabol never exceed a dosage of 50mg/ml a day.

Most first time users use Dbol at 20mg a day and see great results, for more experienced users a dosage of around 40 to 50mg stacked with other steroids works very well.

Methandienone Dianabol cook Recipe:
Dianabol 50mg/ml …..1000ml
50gram dianabol powder
60ml guaicaol
20mL BA (Benzyl alcohol )
180mL BB (Benzyl benzoate)
715mL GSO (Grapeseed Oil)

Injectable Dianabol 80mg/ml cook Recipes :
1) Dianabol 80mg/ml@250ml
20 gram of Methandrostenolone Dianabol powder (1ml=1.12g)17.86ml
40ml BB
10ml BA
182.14ml Grapeseed Oil

2) Dianabol 80mg/ml@250ml
20g Dianabol powder (1.12g/ml )17.86ml (1g=0.89ml)
60ml BB
15ml BA
157.14ml Grapeseed oil

Methandienone powder

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