Drostanolone Propionate Powder

Drostanolone Propionate Powder

Masteron, or Drostanolone Propionate (CAS No.: 521-12-0), is a unique and exotic androgenic steroid that has an interesting history and can be applied in different ways. Its first uses were as an anti-estrogen, but nowadays it is used to help improve athletic performance and muscle gain.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

Drostanolone Propionate is one of the few anabolic steroids offering high properties to fight estrogenic factors. It can help to fight the estrogenic effects from other compounds in a stack too. This is why it was such a huge success fighting breast cancer long ago. It was a better option for women who weren’t good candidates for chemotherapy or surgery.

Product Specification

Certificate Of Analysis

Product NameDrostanolone Propionate
Batch №QB20190823Report №20190823
Produce Date20190823Report Date20190823
Ref. StandardEnterprise Standard
Results Of Analysis Tests
TestEnterprise StandardResults Of Analysis
DescriptionWhite Or almost white Crystalline PowderConfirms
IdentificationRequirements StandardConfirms
Melting Point124.0℃-128.0℃124.5℃-126.5℃
Specific Rotation+26°~ +32°+28.5°
ConclusionThe specification conform with enterprise standard
Q.C.Dept.DirectorZhang JinCheckerLi WeiIdentifierWang Chen

Product Uses

Bodybuilders love being able to rely on Masteron to fight estrogenic factors as they go through a cycle. It is often used in a cutting cycle so it can also help to provide additional hardening. The low anabolic and androgenic elements can be misleading though so you need to see the big picture. DHT is actually 5 times more androgenic than what you will get with testosterone. It can create fat loss and a harder physical appearance. At the same time, it can help to increase strength. Not all athletes are looking to increase their muscle mass.


Using Masteron advantages 

1) Muscle Hardening: Drostanolone Propionate is most popular for its muscle hardening effect. This is partly due to the strong anti-estrogenic nature of the compound which also makes it a potent diuretic. Also, it is a very strong androgen which helps in lipolysis. The combination of these effects result in a very unique, dry and chiseled look.

2) Strength: Masteron allows you to retain your strength during harsh cutting cycles without causing water retention or fat gain.

3) In a bulking cycle: Masteron is the least likely compound that would be recommended for a bulking cycle. That’s because it has a very low anabolic rating.


Male doage is between 300 mg and 400 mg per week. For the best results, it should be an injection of 100 mg every other day. The cycle ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. This isn’t a complete cycle of the enter stack, but the role of Drostanolone Propionate shouldn’t be more than 8 weeks in that cycle.

Female shouldn’t use more than 100 mg broken up over 3 injections per week. However, if virilization symptoms appear it should be decreased and then stopped if they continue. Once those symptoms are present it can be hard to reverse them.




Q1: What is your minimum order amount limit?

A1: Masteron Propionate powder MOQ is 10 grams.

Q2: Which payment methods are acceptable?

A2: We accept Western Union, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and MoneyGram.

Q3: Do you provide stealth packaging?

A3: Yes, we do. For more specific info, please get in touch with us, whatsapp: +8618571714826.

Q4: What should I do if my parcel was seizure or lost, do you have resend policy?

A4: Our sales team will contact you once abnormal situations appear, they will help you to solve the problem. Reshipping policy will be always provided.

Q5: How soon I can get the tracking number of my parcel?

A5: The tracking number would be provided within about 2 days after payment being confirmed. More questions, please contact with ann@roidsell.com

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