Dehydronandrolone Acetate Bodybuilding Steroid Powder

Dehydronandrolone Acetate Bodybuilding Steroid Powder

Synonyms: Dehydronandrolone Acetate;Dehydronandrolone-6 Acetate
CAS: 2590-41-2
MF: C20H26O3
MW: 314.42
MP: 95-98°C
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Dehydronandrolone acetate description

Dehydronandrolon acetate is a intermediate for the synthesis (faslodex) , while the former was an anti-breast-cancer drug developed by AstraZeneca Company and the latter was a synthetic steroid marketed by Organon Company for post climacteric complains. It is an effective compound that produces quality, long-lasting muscle gains. This is because of the relatively long half-life of the drug. Users report mild side effects, with the biggest side effect being water retention.

Dehydronandrolone acetate COA

AppearanceWhite toOff-White Crystalline PowderConfirms
Heavy metals≤0.002%Confirms
Specific rotation+84~+90+86.0
Total impurities≤1%Confirms
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.1%
ConclusionThe specification conform with Enterprise Standard

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