Boldenone Propionate AAS Raws

Boldenone Propionate AAS Raws

Anabolic Steroid Hormone Powder Boldenone Propionate for Bodybuliding CAS 13103-34-9
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Product Details


AppearanceWhite Crystal or crystalline powderConform
Loss of drying≤0.5%0.20%
Related substanceAny single miscellaneous:≤1%<1.0%
Melting point148°C~155°C149.0~153.0°C

Raw powder details

Boldenone propionate AAS Raws CAS:106505-90-2
MF: C22H30O3
MW: 342.47
Appearance: White powder
Usage: Pharmaceutical raw materials, the hormone.
Standard: Enterprise Standard.

Boldenone propionate AAS Raws

Homebrew Recipe:
100ml @ 100mg/ml
100g Boldenone propionate AAS Raws powder
18% Benzyl Benzoate 18ml
2% Benzyl Alcohol 2ml

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